Monday, October 31, 2016

British swimmer aims to cross Atlantic, inspired by boyhood heroes

Dakar (AFP) - As a boy, Ben Hooper wanted to join the British explorers he idolised for surmounting the impossible, and now as he prepares to swim across the Atlantic, he hopes to equal their daring feats -- and survive.

Michael Phelps is trying to be the Michael Jordan of ex-swimmers

Michael Phelps has been dismissed before.
Despite retiring as the most decorated Olympian of all time, the 31-year-old swimmer had to overcome the stigma of a DUI before earning his final round of medals.
His biggest challenge, however, still potentially lies ahead. Can Phelps, the supremely talented swimmer, remake himself into Phelps, the savvy businessman?

Meet the man who spent $9 million on a license plate

For high-rolling drivers in the United Arab Emirates, no car is complete without a single-digit license plate. The oil-rich country's wealthy elite are willing to drop millions of dollars to get their hands on one. Dubai property developer Balwinder Sahni wanted a highly coveted plate bearing the number 5. He wanted it so much, he bid 33 million dirhams ($9 million) for it at a government auction earlier this month. It was one of the largest sums ever spent on a license plate, although still lower than the $14 million record set in 2008 by an Abu Dhabi businessman. Sahni found that his big purchase also brought him a lot of attention. He says he can't go out in public without people stopping

Who Is Meghan Markle? 5 Things to Know About Prince Harry’s Rumored New Flame

Meghan Markle may have reportedly snagged the world’s most eligible bachelor in Prince Harry, but who is the brunette beauty?
The Sunday Express reports that a romance has sprung up between the 32-year-old royal and the American actress in recent months, making Prince Harry “happier than he’s been for many years,” according to a source.

Miami Marlins Jose Fernandez dies in boating accident

A toxicology report released Saturday has revealed that Miami Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez was legally drunk and had cocaine in his system at the time of his fatal boat crash in Miami.

22 Injured When Chevy SSR Plows Into Crowd at NASCAR Race

In a bizarre postscript to Jimmie Johnson’s win Sunday at Martinsville Speedway, 22 fans were struck in the Martinsville parking lot after the race by the driver of a blue Chevrolet SSR, who pulled out of a line of traffic and plowed into pedestrians standing near the track’s helipad.

Clinton's inner circle exposed in final stretch of election

MIAMI (AP) — As Hillary Clinton presses for a return to the White House, so, too, does the Clinton inner circle — the family of aides and confidants that have at times strained the loyalty, patience and political judgment of the figures at its center.

Ric Flair Says He Had The Worst Matches Of His Career Against The Ultimate Warrior

 Ever since starting his own podcast (and having that be his main gig since departing WWE television a few months ago), Ric Flair has been wonderfully candid about all manner of things, ranging from his personal regrets, to speculation on wrestling news and rumors, to claiming he bumped uglies with Halle Berry.
On the latest episode of The Ric Flair Show, The Nature Boy spent some time talking about the worst matches he’s ever had, which involved a fellow Hall of Famer, the late Ultimate Warror. The Warrior was never known for being a technical wizard or warhorse, but a pair of house shows against the 90s icon left a lasting impact on Flair.

Idris Elba: I Am Not Sleeping With Madonna, Motherf***ers

Idris Elba isn’t going to give you a chance to speculate about his sex life. Not today, anyway.
The hunky Star Trek Beyond star is shooting down a rumor that he and Madonna have a little something-something going on. It stemmed from a weekend report in The Sun that stated that they “only had eyes for each other” (what a tabloid line!) — and kissed “passionately” — at a party following his kickboxing debut.
In what is up there with the best denials in Hollywood history, this is what the actor, 44, posted on Twitter early Monday morning: “Am I sleeping with Madonna? No motherf***ers… ‘Don’t believe the Hype.’”

Saudi Arabia: A Kingdom Coming Undone

Though some find reason for optimism in Saudi Arabia's National Transformation Plan, the roadmap to economic diversification released earlier this year, there is little realistic prospect for a smooth transition. The very push toward reform, while noble and necessary, could propel Saudi Arabia toward political instability. Recognizing this, the United States should encourage Riyadh by offering high-level coordination and technical expertise but not unconditional support even as the Kingdom struggles. Far from “a revolution here disguised as economic reform,” as some have called it, the situation is more simply described as a series of choices, ranging from risky to dangerous, that are being forced

Schweinsteiger joins first-team training at United

Bastian Schweinsteiger trained with Manchester United's first-team squad on Monday to suggest an apparent thawing of relations with manager Jose Mourinho.

Moses: We want to make the fans happy this season

Known since his days with Crystal Palace and Wigan Athletic as a direct, pacy winger, Victor Moses has become Chelsea head coach Antonio Conte's go-to right wing-back, repaying the boss's trust with great performances on the pitch in every aspect of his role. After spending the last three seasons on various loan assignments around the Premier League, Moses feels quite happy to be back at Chelsea, and receiving plenty of support not only from the fans but his team and teammates as well. Moses’s perseverance and impact is a shining example of how maybe there is some method to the Loan Army madness. "I’m feeling happy, I’m feeling excited and right now I’m looking forward to every game. The most