Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Heartbreaking! See Unbelievable Thing Zimbabwean Girl Did To Herself After Her Nigerian Boyfriend Rejected Her Pregnancy

A Zimbabwean student studying at Cyprus International University (CIU) allegedly committed suicide in her apartment on Saturday after her Nigerian boyfriend, who is studying at the same institution, reportedly got her pregnant and denied responsibility, The Herald reports.

On November 4, 2016, Elizabeth Choto, 27, committed suicide by hanging herself in her apartment at the institution, following an alleged misunderstanding with her Nigerian boyfriend, over pregnancy.
The boyfriend allegedly refused to take responsibility and broke up with her immediately. A Zimbabwean student was quoted as saying:
“I know Choto because we are in the same union of Zimbabweans studying at CIU.
We were the first to know of her death and we were running around as fellow countrymen. What happened is that she had a misunderstanding with her Nigerian boyfriend after she informed him that she was pregnant. The boyfriend immediately broke up with her and denied responsibility. She committed suicide in her hostel.”