Wednesday, October 26, 2016

See photos of ISIS child soldiers who are meant to be next generation of 'caliphate' soldiers

Heartbreaking photos of children being trained by terror group ISIS has been found on the cell  phones and gadgets of the terrorists after Kurdish Peshmerga forces assisted by allies recaptured some territories controlled by ISIS on Sunday and Monday.

During the territory recapture, the Kurdish forces found out some underground tunnels created by the terror group where they saw items belonging to them. ISIS fighters train this children (some as young as 6, others as old as 15) to succeed them in the caliphate as suicide bombers, mount them with suicide bombs and even sometimes use them as body shields in time of battle.

This kids know they will die once they blow up their suicide vests, but believe in the false promises of rewards and afterlife luxuries ISIS doles to them.

ISIS sends  the kids  to special training camps where they will be brainwashed into the ISIS ideology and educated with ISIS doctrine, the kids will be forced to watch beheading videos.
A major reason Isis recruits children is that they might not be easily suspected by security forces or ordinary members of society when they are to carry out terrorist attacks.

More photos below.